Monday, July 18, 2011

...With Weeds

As I was reading in the Ensign, a magazine published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I came across an article titled This Year It's a Weed--Pull It.

It's a simple enough story of weeding a field of corn; however, the narrator finds a large potato plant. It's not a weed but it's not what is currently growing in that field. That year, the potato was a weed.

I learned that "obedience is not just making a right choice but making a right choice in the right season...Satan deceives us by convincing us to do the right things in the wrong order: sexual intimacy before marriage, dating before age 16, becoming a parent and then getting married, and so forth. The greatest commandments of God, when compromised or polluted, become plants grown out of season—weeds."

What a profound teaching! And how true it is! Satan is the father of all lies, although he'll often add a dash of truth to the equation to convince us of his lies. The ability to create life is incredible! The blessing of being with an eternal companion is wonderful! But we need to make sure we are not cultivating these blessings in the wrong year. We need to obey God, but more important we must trust and follow his time frame, not only in deed but in our hearts and minds as well. We need to focus on righteousness, and avoid the distractions of things that may be good, but are not the best for us now.

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