Friday, July 15, 2011

...With Music

I've always loved to sing. I remember when I was younger I would sing all the time at home, but I was never very comfortable with my singing voice. Throughout the years I've grown to have more trust in myself and how I sing. I love when I have opportunities to sing, whether it's just while I'm in the shower, at church, or singing in front of other people.

The other day I was visiting an older woman, Margaret. She brought up the music she heard in church and I started singing the hymn she mentioned without much thought to it. She sat quietly until I had finished the song and then simply said, "sing another." My companion and I sang song after song and the spirit was so strong. I could tell that Margaret appreciated music that praised God and Jesus Christ.

After almost an hour of singing she sat contemplating the songs we had song, and then brought up The Lord's Prayer set to music. She told us of the day her father passed away and that she sang this song at his funeral. I'd never heard of it before, so she encouraged us to look it up. I was touched as I listened to the music and I hope you will be too. Margaret has asked that I learn this song so we can sing it together. I hope that if I do learn it I can do it justice.

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