Saturday, March 10, 2012

...With Tablets

The other day I was doing a study of 2 Nephi 14 (Isaiah 3). I read about how as the world approaches the time that Christ will return to the earth the "daughters of Zion," or the woman of God, will be "haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go..." (Isaiah 3:16)

Then, as I continued to read, Isaiah talks of all the accessories and riches that woman will flaunt which the Lord will take away from them. I tried to imagine what each one was and reflect on my own use of jewelry and accessories. Then I came to one particular object that surprised me: "the tablets" (Isaiah 3:20)

The tablets. I could only think of one thing: the actual tablets we see so many people using today. I thought of how great of a tool it is, but yet, how excessive use could ruin our relationships, our opportunities, our very lives. Are we "mincing" as we go? Walking with "wanton eyes," tablet always in hand?

There are so many good things in life! Think of all the goodness of the reality of life we miss as we spend countless hours facebooking, twittering, or cutting ropes! Or as some of the other verses mention, obsessing over our "crisping pins" or our many "suits of apparel." (Isaiah 3:22) I hope we can each reflect on what we value and remember to be keeping the greatest commandment of putting God first.

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