Friday, January 20, 2012

...With Miracles

God is still a God of miracles. I've seen that this is especially true in the last week. I'd like to share with you some incredible miracles I've encountered recently.

Miracle #1

A young girl I know has nearly 5 acres of property that she owns, full of rubble and garbage. Knowing how much work lay ahead of her we offered to help. She was happy to take us up on that offer and away we went, piling stacks of wood, scrap metal, and old, rusty cans. After dumping a large load of plastic from the wheelbarrow I took a firm step back and felt a poke. Looking down I was surprized to see a three inch, rusty nail sticking out of my shoe. I pulled the nail out and then took my shoe off to examine my foot. Nothing. It didn't make sense. I stepped straight on the nail with all my weight and it didn't even puncture the skin. It was a miracle.

Miracle #2
For the last several weeks I've been at war with a cold. I've lost every battle. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of it. However, I had been asked to sing in church on an upcoming Sunday. Thinking I'd of course be over my cold by then, I agreed. Time went by too quickly, as it tends to like doing, and the day of my solo came. Now to the coughing stage of war I could only take short breathes without having a coughing fit. I didn't know how I'd be able to sing, but I was committed. Praying I went up to the pulpit, and sang. No problems. After sitting back down my cough resumed. I'd been healed long enough to sing. Another miracle.

Miracle #3
A day of snow. Endless snow. In fact it snowed a foot within 24 hours. It didn't stop! As we were getting home we saw our neighbors out shoveling it while their kids played. We spent some time with them and their kids and about an hour later finally picked up our backpacks to go inside. Wanting to lock the truck, I reached in my pocket for the keys. Gone. We looked, retraced our steps. Searched the areas we'd been, but it had snowed so much if the keys had fallen out of my pocket they were gone for sure. We prayed and searched again. Nothing. Our only set of keys. I was sure I was a goner. The keys don't belong to us. We called another set of missionaries and asked for them to pray as well. Then again, we looked. Suddenly I saw what I thought was a leaf sitting on the snow where we'd been standing and searching. Walking over to it hopefully, I shouted in exitement as I found our heavy set of keys sitting gently on the freshly fallen snow. Another miracle.

Don't tell me that God doesn't perform miracles. These may seem simple to you, but it's incredible to me. Something I have learned is that the Lord does this everyday. If we would simply look around us we'd see miracles everywhere.

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  1. Sister Williams, YOU are a miracle in my life! Thank you for sharing your insight. I know that God is mindful of each us. As we recognize and ask for his help, we are able to live miraculous lives.


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