Wednesday, November 9, 2011

...With Sharing

I recently watched as a group of little girls played together. One little girl had brought with her five Pretty Ponies, another had brought only her doll. I watched as all the Pretty Ponies were handed out so each little girl could play with one -- all but little Sydney and her doll.

Whenever a girl wanted to play with a different pony she'd yell "trade!" and snag one of the other girl's pony, swapping it for her own. I watched as on occasion a girl would want to trade Sydney a pony for her doll. Sydney would yell and run away. Slowly inching back she watched as the girls played with the ponies and continued to ask for a pony to play with. Sydney didn't understand why the girls wouldn't share the ponies, yet she guarded her doll closely so that no one else could play with it.

The doll turned into the most coveted toy, and the group of girls grew increasingly agitated as Sydney tried to snatch at their toys, but not even let them see the doll she held. Eventually Sydney was convinced to join the group by working with them, using her doll to in turn stroke the mane of each little girl's pony.

I see similar complications as many religions try to work together. We need to be open with sharing our beliefs and willing to lovingly care and understand the religion of others. Sydney was worried the group of girls would ruin her doll, as I think many of us worry that others will misunderstand and mock our testimonies.

The less Sydney wanted to show her doll the less the girls wanted to be nice and play with her. We shouldn't be ashamed of the beliefs we have. We need to be open in sharing our convictions and as we work with others, respecting their beliefs as well we can each grow closer as predominately Christian society.

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