Thursday, September 1, 2011

....With Scripture

Do we remember the great blessing it is to have the scriptures? The blood of so many people was shed so that we could have the scriptures to guide and direct us. The least we could do is open them and read from them each day.

I have suffered from anxiety before. I feel sick to my stomach with nerves and stress. But there is a time in the day that all that pain dissipates: it's when I read the scriptures. There is a calming strength that comes from the scriptures. It doesn't make every day a perfect day, but we're given the support and strength we need to get through any day. It's such a simple task, yet it often goes neglected. I've been guilty of the same charge. But I know that there is power in the scriptures.  Take advantage of the marvelous blessing of having the word of God at your finer tips. Take time, even just a minute or two, to open up the scriptures today.

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